Types of Bagpipes


MacGregor - Alias Toto

We always have two sets of Bagpipes. The Great Highland Bagpipes (GHB) and Fireside Bagpipes. The GHB are the Bagpipes most people are familiar with. These are great for "open space" areas, whereas the Fireside Bagpipers were developed specifically for "close space" areas.

Great Highland Bagpipe GHB

Great Highland Bagpipe - (GHB)

The GHB produce a strong vibrant, well rounded sound. Excellent for outdoors or large inside use. These bagpipes are based on the Pentatonic Scale with no flats or sharps and "low - A" being about 460Hz or higher pitch. The World pitch standard for musical instruments is 440hz. As such, it is very hard for other instruments to play the same melody with the GHB.

The sound level of the GHB produces is about 100dB+ ( Decibel), equal to that of loud Rock Concert, but in tune.

Recording - Great Highland Bagpipe

Fireside Bagpipe

Fireside Bagpipe

Fireside Bagpipes produce a relaxing smooth and mellow sound. Fireside bagpipes can be played in either the Key of B Flat, ideal for playing with keyboard accompaniment or the Key of D, ideal for concert pub playing and playing in Ceilidh bands.

These bagpipes are excellent in small areas or where there is access to a microphone. The sound level of the Fireside bagpipes are about 80dB, equal the loudness of a telephone dial tone. For reference, normal conversation is 60-70 dB.

Recording - Fireside Bagpipe