Special Events

From Production Shows to Fundraisers

Special events, such as Military Services, Eagle Scout Services, Cancer Awareness, Promotional ceremonies, etc., are very hard to plan for. We at Highlandpiping understand the stress of putting it  "all together"; However, we also know the feeling of what it is like making a great accomplished, successful event. We partner with you to help you succeed and go beyond your expectations. For over 45 years, we have provide guidance and solutions for Special Events. With that many years of experience, we can provide insight in making your special event very successful. Even if you do not hire us, we would be happy to consult with you on any part of your special event.

We leave our audience with a WOW!!!

We always have two sets of Bagpipes. The Great Highland Bagpipes (GHP) and Fireside Bagpipes. The GHP are the Bagpipes most people are familiar with. These are great for "open space" areas, whereas the Fireside Bagpipers were developed specifically for "close space" areas.